Today I found out that I am not a good comfort and that made me depressed.

Recently I've knew more about one of my ex-colleague. He had some relational trouble. After the lunch we had together today, I had some understanding about his situation. But I can hardly give him some advice to bring hime out of the emotional mire. So I keep on praying for him in my mind and hope that will be helpful for him.

In this case, also involved another key person that I've been acquainted. I used to be callous about the enternal fire in the holy bible. Even I've been heard from so many brothers and sisters in the church. But today I suddenly realize that how the evil can do and how pity is for the people don't know the God we know. It's really suffering for me to know that one of my acquaintances have been lost in my definition. 

I think the relation between people have been obscurity for anyone who had comfront with it. It really need wisdom for everyone to be a nice companion in relationships. 

May God bless everyone, has mercy for all the people. Amen.
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