Lord of all the earth。宇宙萬物的主宰
how You cared for me。祢如何關心我
You have made me。祢創造我
You who saves。祢是拯救人的神
and carried me always。祢永遠都支持著我

You are faithful。祢是信實的
You are faithful。祢是信實的
You are faithful。祢是信實的
Your joy is my strength。祢的喜樂是我的力量

Lord You are my guide。主,祢是我的引導
I rely on You。我倚靠祢
I put my hope in things not seen。我把我的希望放在眼所不能見的
Your promises are true。祢的應許是真的

always You're with me。祢永遠與我同在
Your hand will lead me。祢大能的手會帶領我
my trust is in Your name。我把相信祢大能的名!
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