The article down here is some feelings after I saw this movie.
It's just for fun to write in English. Don't mind if there may have many mistakes in this.

"Where the heart is" was a homework that I put in my group this semester. Recomended by our intern Xiao-Mon. That's a good suggestion, I think. I know that she felt the same or more than me.

It tells a story about a teenage girl pregnant before married, and her boyfriend and mon left her abandoned. She lived in Wal-Mart secretly and gave birth to her little baby in that too. There are many angles came to help her including a sister, a librarian, and also a nurse. Everyone in this film has his own story, just like us. But they still try to live on base on the bright side of life. Thers is a happy ending in this fime. It reminds me about my faith in God. God will end up everything in a good way eventurally. That's a really good news to all of us.

I'm glad that I have the chance to see this movie. Because it's not a blockbuster or some movie names in my head. But it's a great movie that I'll recomend to everyone that I know.

It's really fun to write down feelings in English, ha ha~where the heart is

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